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A Woman Unboxed

And Other Stories Of Growing Up

“This book is my homage to my roots. It highlights the joys and challenges of growing up in a small town in Mindanao. It celebrates my grandmother, my parents and my siblings—all the sacrifices made to make it this far. The book journeys through woundings and hurts and comes out on the other side powered by hopes, dreams, love and laughter.” 


From work colleagues to writing colleagues, even their names sound alike. Dina and Gina share their fruitful collaboration—their personal reflections on friendship, love, and spirituality. Knowledge is good, but wisdom is gained through tests of our character, lessons we learn, and choices we make. Though we may stumble and fall, what’s important is we pick ourselves up and find our way between the raindrops of joy and adversity.

"For people who are busy, this small book offers spiritual nourishment on-the-go. Feed your heart with bite-sized inspiration and refreshing wisdom to live a beautiful life."

- Bo Sanchez, Preacher and Bestselling Author

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Baht, Boots & Gandhi: A Collection of Travel Essays

Gayle Certeza, Gina Verdolaga & Mo Francisco

The Japanese have a term for the sharing of travel anecdotes as a gift to those who have stayed behind - miyage-banashi. It’s a nice way of saying it’s actually the storyteller who is enriched in the process of recounting her tale.


In this collection of personal tales, the authors speak about travel coming from various directions but almost always as life-defining experiences. Gina writes about her travels in Europe. Mo delights the reader with her stories of backpacking across Indochina. And Gayle recounts her adventures and misadventures as an immigrant in New Zealand.


May you be entertained by their adventures as you turn the pages. Or at the very least, be prodded to start gallivanting around the world.


Book of 40

Kat Gomez-Limchoc

Inspired by turning 40, a health scare, a trip around the world, and a life well-lived and well-examined, Kat Gomez-Limchoc shares 40 ideas she knows to be true. An advertising creative, these ideas are brought to life in 40 collaborations with friends, family and much admired artists in different creative fields.


In this unique book project, there are downloadable wrapping paper designs by Dan Matutina, a radio campaign that has been aired all over the Philippines, a mural on the side of the building by street art group Gerilya, illustrations by renowned Filipino comic book artists Ian Sta Maria and Kajo Baldisimo, artwork by advertising Hall of Famers, and a hauntingly beautiful song by rock legends and award-winning composers Mike and Angelo Villegas.


There is a life lesson beautifully told in every page of the Book of 40. 


Speaking from the Heart

Nina Aguas

Nina Aguas is the Executive Chairman of the Board of Insular Life Assurance Company. She is also a member of the board of prestigious institutions such as Union Bank of the Philippines, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum, Mafre Insurance, and Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific.  


Nina Aguas has a track record of building new businesses, of defending and growing large businesses in highly competitive and challenging environments and through difficult economic cycles.


This book is a collection of Nina’s speeches throughout her career. Women (and men, too) can gain insights and practical wisdom from her speeches that will surely inspire them. 


Vessel of Voices: A Filipino Memoir Anthology


Twelve writers from different backgrounds write about certain turning points in their lives and the effect those events have had on them. The result is this book, which is a work of love celebrating families, childhood memories, hardships past, triumphs gained and lifelong learnings.


In reviewing the book, Writer Barbara Gonzalez writes, “Vessel of Voices is a beautiful book… It speaks to the reader from the heart of the writers. It moves you to smile, sometimes to laugh, and sometimes you come close to tears.”


The writers are: Clemen C. Aquino, Elena C. Arnaiz, Gayle C. Certeza, Gizela M. Gonzalez, Ma. Belinda B. Morales, Edlyn Grace C. Ng Cha, Ruby Villavicencio Paurom, Bernardita Azurin-Quimpo, Sonia M. Roco, Rene M. Samaniego, Maureen Patricia Noble Sandejas and Carissa Moonyeen Retizos Singson.

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Between the Raindrops

Gina Verdolaga & Dina F. Pecana

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